Submit abstract 2021 (Closed for submission)







Here is the list of accepted abstracts for ORAL PRESENTATION and POSTER PRESENTATION



Congratulations on getting your work accepted for the NCNR 2021 oral presentations. Please pay careful attention to these guidelines to provide the instructions you may need.

Please inform DIS Congress Service of any changes in title, presenter, or mailing address. This will go into the online program.

Allow enough time between your arrival and the time of presentation. The programme is tightly scheduled and it is impossible to delay a presentation. Upon arrival at the congress center, please check whether any changes in time or room have occurred.

All presentations are held in English. Identify yourself to the session chairperson 10 minutes before the session. Follow the instructions of the chairperson; especially regarding the time for your talk. Each session will last 60 or 75 minutes. The chairs are responsible for disposing of time. There will be 4-5 presentations in each session with a time frame as follows:

• Introduction of the presenter/presentation (½ minute)
• Presentation (10 minutes)
• Discussion (4 minutes)
• Closing of the presentation (½ minute)

Powerpoint presentation
The PowerPoint presentation must be saved on the computer in the room of your presentation. The presentation must be saved on the computer at least 1 hour before the start of the session. Private computers cannot be allowed for the sessions. Each lecture room is equipped with a PC laptop computer, one data/video projector, and one large screen. PowerPoint format is broad 16:9.

Preparation of your presentation
• Keep data on each PowerPoint slide simple (better use several slides than to crowd one).
• Use large, legible letters.
• Keep pictures light (dark slides project poorly in a large auditorium).
• Colour is attractive on data slides but use light colors only.
• Patient confidentiality must be protected.
• Avoid commercial reference. Advertising of products is prohibited.
• Bring your PowerPoint on a USB stick to the room and please ensure that all data is on the USB stick (e.g. embedded video files, extra fonts, special graphs/drawings/pictures).



Congratulations on getting your work accepted for the NCNR 2021 poster presentations. We hope that you will enjoy presenting and discussing your work with other participants. In order to effectively communicate the content of your poster, you are kindly requested to follow these guidelines when developing your poster and presentation.

Size of poster
The poster must not exceed 90 cm width and 120 cm height (vertical).

Presentation of your poster

Posters will be on display during the whole conference. There will be poster sessions on the 5th October during morning and afternoon coffee breaks. Authors are encouraged to be by their posters as following:
Morning break 10.30-11.15: uneven numbers. 
Afternoon break 14.30-15.30: even numbers.

Upon arrival at the congress center, please check whether any changes in time or room have occurred. 

Preparing your poster
• All exhibits must be in English.
• Poster title should be identical to the title of the accepted abstract.
• Keep all elements of your poster simple (pictures, tables, graphics, drawings, photos).
• Remember that the viewer has to be able to read the text from a distance of up to 1.5 m.
• Make sure that the poster speaks for itself and does not require extensive explanations.
• Plan your layout so that the viewer can move her/his eyes from left to right and from top to bottom with appropriate breaks.
• Try to prepare a poster in one part. If constructed with many parts make sure to know the order.
• References can be presented in smaller font size, but you will need to restrict the number of references to a maximum of 6.
• It is also useful to have handouts similar to the poster in an A4 sheet. This provides a useful ‘take-away’ resource. Please make sure you provide your contact details on the handout.

Pins will be provided to stick your poster to the poster board.

Headings featuring title and authors must be prepared in (minimum) font size 24. The board of your poster will be numbered and will be the same as your poster number found in the final programme. Viewers will find your poster according to the title of your submitted abstract and the number stated in the final programme.

Dismantling and removal
Your poster will be displayed throughout the congress and we therefore kindly ask that it is mounted before 9:00 Tuesday morning and not removed later than 13:00 on Wednesday. Any posters remaining after the congress may be disposed. NCNR 2021 and its staff are not responsible for packing, removing, or shipping your poster. If you have to leave before your dismantling time, please designate a colleague to be responsible for removing your poster.

Neither NCNR 2021 nor the Exhibition venue are responsible for any loss or damage of your poster or can be held liable for injuries to persons or damage to property owned by the poster presenter.